Monday, July 2, 2007


We have all sorts of issues with the girls at bedtime...all 4 of them. I DO NOT recommend having 4 girls in one room.......I cannot wait until they are teenagers. Riiiiiiiiiight! LOL! Anyway, this kind of encapsules our evenings.


Pen of Jen said...

I came over from Vanessa's(Yahweh's retreat).
I loved this you tube video, I almost tried to breathe for him!!!
I have 2 sisters I also have three brothers~ WAIT... 1 in 1961 twins in 1962, 1 in 1963, 1 in 1965, and me in 1967(six in six years)My poor mom in the teen years all six of us!!!
I only had 4 in six years...alas one cannot succeed in everything! Fortunately 3 of mine are boys...And I do mean that as I recall the girl issues!!!
Cute blog! I will be back

Pen of Jen said...

Oops I forgot, I also have a home school blog at,
that gives more of a window to who I am :)

Kate said...

Somebody get that man some water! WHEW!!! Too cute!

erin richardson said...

ohhhh, this made me laugh... I looked it up on YouTube and showed my mother yesterday afternoon. She definitely did NOT make a comment about that resembling our house when I was just a short thing. (Not that I'm all that tall now - 5'1" on a good day!)