Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A night on the streets

Last night, our church participated in the annual Norwood Day Parade. You would think that I would have had enough with parades during my days of working with color guard! But last night's experience was truly different.
Next week, we are having 24 hour prayer vigil at the church. We passed out prestamped prayer request cards to the thousands of people that were there. We passed out almost 1000 of them. I was a little nervous at first. You know, the whole going up to people to talk about God thing. But it was amazing. I just told people that we were having a prayer vigil and if they would fill out the card and pop it in the mail we would pray for them. People loved the idea. They asked for extra cards. The people around them who heard us wanted cards. I got to see a lot of familiar faces, old neighbors, former students, former band and guard students, etc. It was just an amazing and humbling experience. God is so good.
So my prayer is that people will use these cards. That the church office will just be flooded. I pray that we will reach our community for the Lord.
If you have a prayer request, comment to this post and I will copy it and add it to prayer wall in our prayer room.
May you feel the tangible presence of God in your life today!!

Because He Lives,



mom of 3 so far said...

That is such a cool idea!!! I too hope your church office is just filled to capacity with requests, not because I wants others to be hurting but because I want others to know that God answers these prayers!!!!
Dawn B

erin richardson said...

I started singing in my head, "Hit the road, Jack - and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more!" And "Singing in the Rain". I'm a little random today (can't be helped). I really do hope that the people of Norwood use those postcards to bring their concerns before God. I hope our church and our community become engaged in one long, intense conversation with God! I'm glad you got to talk to all those people. :-)