Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What an Exciting Day!!

We turned in preschool applications for Josiah and Charis!!!!!! Yipeeee!!!!


Dawn said...

Soo funny! What will you do with your self??? Better yet, what will poor Ella do all by herself durring that time?!!

I wish I could send EmmaLi to preschool, but I still don't think she's ready and besides we missed the deadline for the "lottery". (it stinks to live in a town with only 1 preschool)

erin richardson said...

HOORAYYYYY!!!!! You're not excited, are you??

Sharon said...

Wooo Hoooo! I think we are getting ready to do the same thing!!!!


Anita said...

OH how exciting!! YIPPEEE...and it's not even here yet! :) It's definitely preschool time around here. I checked one out just Wed with Kaylin and she wanted to stay so bad to play with the kids. She keeps saying she wants to go to "little school" like sissy goes to "big school"!! :) We have a few more to check out before we decide....but soon!