Sunday, April 13, 2008

Continue to pray

Kade has gone to be with Jesus. He will never have to learn a lesson the hard way. He will never have to choose between God and his friends. He will never be hurt by a careless word. He will never know loss or loneliness.

His mama is still here, mourning a little one that was knit in her womb. She is suffering, grieving. She is hurting with a pain only a few ever have to deal with. Please pray for Stephanie. That she will learn to turn to the same one who is today holding her child. She is lost and lonely. May Jesus hold her in his arms, just as he is holding Kade.


Mommakitten said...

So well put Tonni. You have always had a way with words. Thank you for the prayers today, I honestly think Kade felt our prayers and knew it was ok to go and be with his Maker.

Kate said...

I will say a special prayer this morning for Kade and his mother. I pray she finds the strength in Jesus to get through this difficult time.

Dawn said...

That was a beautiful post, I will continue to pray for Stephanie as she trys to find her way through this difficult time!