Friday, October 17, 2008

All for Katie

We have a babysitter tonight. Yeah for us! I win life (as my friend Erin would say!) The kids got this box yesterday with treats from Aunt Tricia. They have decided that it MUST be decorated for Katie tonight and that she will be 'so excited!" Look closely at the top picture. Josiah is working on the inside of the box.

For those of you who follow me on facebook, notice Elliana in her PANTS!!!!

I love my kids!
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Melissa said...

I love only seeing legs stick outta the box! Too cute! Oh and pants are cool. Dresses are overrated! ;-)

Dawn said...

Oh so now you have proof that pants won't kill her!! LOL

Gotta love those cardboard boxes, the BEST toy EVER invented!!!!

Anita said...

Enjoy your night out Tonni!! Wish it were me....then again..maybe I can bribe Jenni! ;)

erin richardson said...

Hope you crazy kids had fun last night! You DO win life!!!!