Monday, December 8, 2008

Prayers at the Jobe Abode

So, the other night Ella went into major meltdown because her nightlight burnt out. I must admit this is a new experience at the Jobe Abode. No one thus far has had any fear of much of anything. (Well, there was Grace and the Tooth Fairy, but that is a different story.) We had to leave the girls' door open and the hall light on with a promise to leave it on in order for her to get to sleep.

The next day, she and I headed to Wally World to buy a new nightlight. In that huge store I found exactly one style of nightlight. It came in Dora and Sponge Bob and Cars. And costs $8! But, to be able to sleep again? Priceless. So we pick up a nightlight for Ella and one for Josiah, because, if the girls get a nightlight, then he needs one too!! All must be fair, you know.

So, everyone is in jammies, settled down in the girls' room, illuminated by a very special Dora light (it changes colors ya'll, like those spotlight people used on Christmas trees in the 60s and 70s!)

And Ella started the prayers by thanking God for her new nightlight. And then it was Risi's turn and she thanked God for the new nightlights. And then it was Josiah's turn. And he......thanked God for his new nightlight. And then it was Olivia's turn and she thanked God for the (drumroll please) new nightlights! Because this one is not as bright as the other one.

And I am starting to giggle.......

Then Grace prays. She thanks God for her family guessed it, the nightlights.......

Now my giggles are audible.

Kevin thanks God for his children and his beautiful wife (his words, not mine) and, sigh, the nightlights.

By now, the kids want to know why Mommy is crying.

You can't say my kids aren't grateful!! (For nightlights anyway!!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you God for nightlights!

erin richardson said...

mmmm .... color-changing nightlights! now where were those when I was three???

erin is now singing the newsboys' "love, liberty, disco".

Andrea said...

Your kids are too funny! They always make me smile:)

Dawn said...

Oh how precious!!!

Unknown said...

Hey this wallpaper is beautiful!

Thank you Lord for little ones, loving parents and nightlights.

Kate said...

God Bless Nightlights!!!