Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Right Brained Children

I guess it is no surprise that our children are right brained. If you are not sure which you are, you can take a test here. Try it, it is fun!

Kevin and I are both waaaay right brained. He is a musician, actor, writer. I write, create, vision, etc. But our kids make us look systematic and orderly!
For example, our kids cannot just drink a juice bag....you know pop in the straw and suck it down. No, we have to cut off the top put it in the freezer and eat it as a slushy.

Play doh. Can we simply build things out of Play doh? NO. We have to break it up into all sorts of little pieces and then reconstruct them into little balls of many colors. Then chop them up and, well, I am not really sure what they do with them after that.

Yesterday we watched Charis destroy several gift bags from Christmas as she tried to stuff full size comforters into them.

For Christmas this year we had to replace several board games. And lay some rules in place. They are no longer allowed to use game pieces for other things. They would use them in pretend play, even the little pieces from Sorry. What can you possibly do with those??

And did you know that if you blow on the pieces of Trouble that they whistle? Trust me, they do.

Guess what their favorite thing to play without side is? Come on, guess! Okay, you'll never guess, it is

WOOD CHIPS!!!! (Which by the way, they are not allowed to play with.)

Most days I think that for Christmas next year, I should just wrap up a bunch of junk to see what they will do with it!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Fun!