Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Guess If You Are Tired Enough

Ella, sound asleep. Slept like this for 40 minutes.

The House

This is the new Jobe Abode!  Looks small for 7 people doesn't ?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School

Grace went to school looking way too grown up and oh so beautiful. She loves middle school.  She has already brought a new friend to the house.  That's just the way Grace rolls. Not a shy bone in her.  I wouldn't have her any other way!!
Olivia is such an amazing big sister.  She really liked school too, but she is more shy than her big sister.  She'll take a little longer to make friends.  She really leans on Gracie and big sis just isn't in the same building this year.
Charis LOVES her new teacher!  But, like last year, her big brother is her choice of playmate at recess.
Carrying all of the supplies.  It is amazing how much they ask us to contribute on top of school fees.  But I guess if the state would get it's act together and fund schools legally it would make a difference. (Now I will step off of my soap box.)
And our little man.  All personality.  Also loved school.  Josiah has such a thirst for learning!!
Ella doesn't start until Thursday. She is none too happy about it and threw a major fit when the bus left without her. Shocking, I know....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Starting To Update

Here we are! We moved to Toledo on  the 3rd of August.  We love the house.  Although it is stressful to still own a home in Cincinnati.  I guess I will start with now, and eventually move back to how we got here.

Today we went to visit the elementary school where 4 of the kids will attend starting next week. Coy Elementary is a new building.  The kids are really excited about it. (I think the younger 4 are most excited because they are in an air conditioned building.)  The very nice lady principal gave us a tour.  We got to meet 3 of the 4 teachers that will have my kids. 

On Thursday, I will take Grace up to to Fassett Middle School on Thursday.  I hope I am ready to have a middle school student! It didn't seem like a big deal when my niece, Maddy, went to middle school as a fifth grader.  In fact, I remember reassuring my sister that it would be just fine.  No big deal.  It is different when it is your own, I guess. Unfortunately, Grace is NOT in an air conditioned building.  Something her siblings love to remind her of...often!

Oregon (pronounced Oregone) Ohio is a really pleasant little town.  Toledo is so different from Cincinnati.  Much less suburban sprawl.  On one side of Oregon is Toledo proper, on the other side is farmland. The school district goes right up to Lake Erie, although we haven't made it to the lake yet.

I haven't really met anyone yet, besides our neighbors.  On one side there is a very nice couple with a 14 year old son and 17 month old daughter.  A single man lives on the other side. I am hoping to make some friends with parents once the kids are in school.  I am going to start to work on  paperwork to substitute in the Oregon City Schools.  That should give me more opportunity to make friends.

I know all of us are missing our friends and family in Cincinnati (but it is such a blessing to have my mom closer as well as my cousin.)

I will start to get some pics and give you all a tour of our new home later in the week.