Monday, May 28, 2007

Some Encouragement

We had a busy day yesterday...Kevin didn't preach so we went to Sharonville church for service on our way north.

After service, a wonderful lady stopped me to tell me that she and her husband had been sitting behind us in church. She said she just sees a light around me and prays for me regularly. She sees me (can you believe it? ME) as in inspiration. She knows what I do is difficult and prays for me regularly. It was some encouragement that was much needed at that particular time.

Don't be afraid to share similar thoughts with people. There are so many people who inspire me and I need to let them know. They may need that pick-me-up as badly as I did yesterday.

Women who inspire and encourage me:
1. My mom, Karen
2. My mother in law, Margaret
3. My sister, Tricia
4. My SILs
5. Laura
6. Tracy
7. Andrea
8. Holly
9. Kate
10. Kelly R.
11. Heather
12. Susan
13. Mary
14. Jane
15. Beth
16. Barb
17. Dana
18. Christina
19. Kathleen
20. Sheri
21. Jeanne
22. Joleen
23. Erin
24. Robin
25. Linda
26. Aunt Cheryl
27. Sharon
28. Sharyl
29. Tania
30. Tee
31. Lynn
32. Priscilla
33. Georgia

34. Dawn
35. Melissa

And many be continued......


kelly rumbaugh said...

It goes both ways, friend...Kelly R

Kate said...

We're in this blessing called life together, Tonni! I thank God that he has placed you in my mine!