Monday, October 29, 2007

Josiah Sayings

My Josiah is quite a character. He is three and a half and incredibly verbal. We thought his oldest sister talked a lot (well, okay, she does) but he is non stop. And he says the funniest thing. Right now he is narrating a Road Runner cartoon. Because, obviously, no one else in the room can see the tv for themselves.
He makes up the funniest things. His current word is 'bammed.' As in, "Charis just bammed me on the head!" or "I just bammed the car into the wall!"
And every past tense of a verb has two endings, "Mommy, why did you just stoppted the car?"
He wants to know how to spell everything, "Mommy, how do you spell my name?"
Mom, "J-O-S-I-A-H"
Josiah, "Oh, J-O-H-A! Mom, I spelleded it!"
He loves to sing. Right now you can hear him sing any combination of "Awesome God," "Kill the Wabbit" (ask Daddy about that one), his own personal mash up of "You are God" and "Menomenon" (from the Muppet show,) and "Figeuro" (again, ask his Daddy.)
Oh, and everything right now is "AWESOME!"
Gotta love my little man! Awesome little guy that he is.


Cindy said...

You should record him sometimes. My Mom and my Aunt have these tapes of me singing and reading and doing all kinds of silly stuff. It's always fun and horribly embarrassing when they drag those bad boys out. But at the same time it is a trip to hear me singing ebony and ivory or listen to me tell my Aunt how school went.

erin richardson said...

Totally agree with Cindy. That would be hilarious. My personal favorite Josiah story is the time he was sitting at the computer, trying to get the mouse to work, but not quite getting there. He was muttering something to himself, so I walk by, like I'm going to pick a cup up off the table, and he's sitting there jiggling that mouse, saying, "I think I can, I think I can!" Terribly adorable. Though the stand-like-a-man toilet training story is pretty fun. And when he fell asleep in my arms last Friday? That was so very sweet. I almost fell asleep with him, actually. It was a sleepy day for everybody, I think.

Dawn said...

Wow, thats one smart cookie!! (and ohhh so cute too!)