Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I have 5 incredibly right brained children. As Kevin and I are also VERY right brained, it can make things really interesting around here.

Every summer I stock the kids up on the typical "summer things", you know, sidewalk chalk, bubble, jump ropes, sand in the sandbox, all of that kind of thing. But, my darling right brained monkeys make everything so much more work (for me!) than it has to be.

Sidewalk chalk. Can we just draw with it? NO! It must be ground up into a fine paste and then wet down. Once it is wet, one must walk in it and stick one's hands into it. Then said hands and feet must be used to leave footprints and hand prints anywhere they can reach. On the wall of the house, the brick wall, the patio, the driveway, all over the play set. And let me just say this concoction does not simply wash off of hands and feet. No, regardless of what is happening, it is bath time! This stuff stains skin and clothing!

Bubbles, how hard can that be? Well, after you blow enough bubbles to fool Mom into thinking you are going to use them correctly THIS time, you take a pretend bath in them! Rubbing it all over your arms and legs. Which is particularly wonderful on top of one monkey's eczema! It's even better if there is still sand in the sandbox! Then, you dump the rest all over the top of the picnic table in an attempt to wash off the sidewalk chalk residue. It doesn't work. THEN you can use the empty bubble containers to set up a bowling alley!!

Jump ropes are used to make webs on the play set. Or to tie stuffed animals to the play set. Or to use as leashes on said stuffed animal. We did have to take them away when they were using them to tie each other up AND to use as leashes on each other. Didn't think that was particularly safe.

So my backyard is just a hodge podge of toys that have been taken apart to play with in ways they were not designed. The soccer goal is used as musical instruments....the carnival like game that you throw velcro balls at is scattered after being used as who knows what. The kick ball has been used as a bowling ball.

Never a dull moment at the Jobe Abode.

Wondering if you are right or left brained? Check this out!


Kate said...

Oh my boys were so like this!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm very right-brained...and left-handed, to boot. And my daughter, the Tongginator, is a mini analytical engineer. LOL.

erin richardson said...

My sisters and I used to make "stew" when we were silly. Find a puddle of water, fill with sticks, weeds, rotten fruit, flowers, etc. Parents were not amused.

Nanny said...

It's good you face life with a sense of humor. I must be right brained too because this sounds like fun. Can I come play?

as written by Barbara said...

hmmm... this sounds like all these things were used in theee most correct ways!!! Guo and I would love to come and play at your house!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Oh my, this sounds way to familiar! I love how you describe their antics, I got a good laugh!