Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My kids are at VBS this week. I love VBS! 2 1/2 hours with Kevin or by myself every night! LOVE IT!!

With the series this church uses, every night the leader has a phrase she shouts to the kids and they respond with a phrase.

On the way home on the first night, my kids were practicing. They think that if they are screaming about God it negates the 'No Screaming In The Car' rule. Sigh.

So here is what we heard the first night.

Grace: God is ALWAYS there!

The Crew: Beer Nuts!

Beer nuts???????????????

Oh, FEAR NOT!!!!

Maybe they should teach annunciation at VBS too, what do you think?????


Andrea said...

"snort" that is too funny! Did Moses tell your crew to invite friends to our at capacity VBS? Ethan asked if he could and I said No. Oops!

Kate said...

Our VBS starts in a few weeks and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

Dawn said...

VBS doesn't start for us till August. It is always so much fun!

Tracy said...

That is too funny.....I will have to listen more carefully to our group and make sure they are actually saying "fear not"!!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Too funny! We're doing Crocodile Dock too... so I'll watch for the Beer Nuts:)

erin richardson said...

I think I like Beer Nuts better. Especially with a little salt.

Hilty Sprouts said...

Mmmmm, beer nuts! Crunchy! Ha ha that is so funny!

Oldqueen44 said...

We did the same Croc... VBS that you did. It was great. The ones that decorated the stage were so amazing. It looked like a real swamp.

Debra said...

That is the funniest. Your children are a trip.