Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sprained Ankles and Potty Training

What do the two have in common? Pretty much nothing except they are both occuring at the Jobe Abode right now!

On Monday, Gracie (wearing the too big flip flops I told her not to wear on her bike) and flying down the neighbor's drive way turning way too sharply (as she had been warned not to) crashed on her bike. She sprained her ankle pretty badly. (No, the words "I told you so" have not actually come out of my mouth, although a good lecture on doing what Mom says has!) She has spent the last three days with her ankle propped up, icing under a bag of frozen peas. She is learning to latch hook to pass the time. She's actually been a good sport about the whole thing.

Potty training is Charis, sort of. She is determined not to. But we are working on it. She doesn't go in the toilet too often, but she stays dry for longer and longer periods of time. She doesn't like being wet, so that is in our favor. We put a pull up over the undies, so she feels wet, but my carpet and couch don't! I highly recommend that technique. The good thing is that Ella is intrigued by the whole thing and is spending her fair share of time sitting. We've had at least one in diapers for 8 years. It would be so nice to not have any!!


Kate said...

LOVE the title of your blog entry! Poor Olivia! Sometimes not saying "I told you so" is so hard! Hope she's doing better. I need patience with Luci too in the potty department. She's so willing to go #1..but loves somehow, to hide and make a nice #2 surprise for me in her diaper!! Can't figure that one out. The panties under pull-ups tip is a great one..I'll have to try it...although may not be the cleanest with #2 issue. Hmmm....

Kate said...


Adele Jones said...

Wow, you guys are busy! Loving your blog, found you thro' the CWO. We've got 2 little boys and have just discovered we're expecting our 3rd, so any advise will be VERY gratefully received!
Blessings (and all the best with the potty training!)
Del xxx

mom of 3 so far said...

OHHHH poor Gracie, we've been down that road one too many times with Kaitlyn!!

Great tip with the undies UNDER the pull ups, maybe that will help EmmaLi FINALLY conquer potty training. We've been working on this since January and let me tell you its getting OLD. Shes fine for a few days and then forget it, then she's fine and this just goes on and on!!!!