Monday, April 7, 2008

Elliana Karen

I'd call this post "Conversations with Ella", but since all she did was scream, it really wasn't much of a conversation. Ella does a lot of screaming these days. She has entered three with a vengeance! Anyway, you are probably wondering why the picture of the undies. (And yes, I did a search for underwear images on Google and nothing unsavory came up.) We had baths tonight. The lovely weather necessitates cleaning children a little more often. After baths I got Ella dressed. As soon as the undies went on, the screaming started. She is so picky about clothing and how it fits. Have I ever told you about her sock issues? So, after a few minutes, I got her different undies. They went on, the screaming resumed, a pitch higher, I believe. 4 times this happened. 4 times!!! EEEEEK! Eventually we just went with her pull-up. Usually those bring on a screaming fit, too. Not today, thank goodness.......and I thought she was going to be my most laid back child.


Dawn said...

YIKERS!!! Glad you finally found something that worked but I'm sorry you had to endure the screems to get there! (Oh and that youngest thing being the mildest.......HAH, thats just a nasty rumor, never happens in real life!!!!!!)

erin richardson said...

AAACKK!!! Ella!! That child can be so incredibly sweet, but when she turns that screaming on ..... let's just say I'm praying??

Tracy said...

I bet once she turns 4 she will morph into your perfect laid back little is something about being THREE!!!!!