Saturday, August 16, 2008

Catching Up From the Week

Wow! Where has the week gone? And where have I been?

On Monday, Grace and Olivia went swimming with our friends from down the street at Burwood Pool. They had a ton of fun, the little fish. And then one of the girls spent the night here. I think they actually got some sleep. I admit, I was asleep before they were. Shhhh, don't tell them!

On Tuesday, we had a play date a couple of streets over with a former student and her children. I don't know if it makes me young or old to have children the same age as the children of the kids I taught. (Follow that? ) A few hours after that, the kids went over to Jeanne's to play in MacLand! I can't explain that, you have to see it! Jeanne kept the kids for the evening. She even bathed and fade them. Kevin and I took full advantage of the time to spend time together.....okay, he did homework for his class and I went to the grocery.

Wednesday I just tried to catch up on things. I cleaned up the house. We were supposed to have dinner, but our guest wasn't able to make it. At least Kevin and the kids ate really well!!

Thursday? I don't know. I think that was the day the kids were really difficult. Let me amend that. More difficult that usual. (Note: Charis is crying over a balloon right now. And Josiah is whining over balloons.)

Friday, I had my post op appointment. Everything looks good and I will have my first band fill on Sept. 5. I stopped at the produce market on the way home and got veggies for a tray for church today.
Okay, NOT THOSE VEGGIES!! I spent the evening at church with several other volunteers to set up for today's events.

Today a bunch of kids came from State Ave. Church to spend a morning with our kids. They sang and played games (the prizes were all school supplies!) and ate a delicious lunch! A wonderful time was had by all. The kids from both churches got along great and were an amazing example of Christian love.

Now we are getting ready to head back to church for our monthly Family Fun Night. Don't let the name fool you. It's the church family, not just families!

Off to get ready for dinner!


Dawn said...

Good grief, I'M exhausted just reading that.

My update...Monday..nothing, Tuesday...same, Wed....same, Thurs, well you get the picture! LOL

Sounds like you guys had fun...well all but the balloon incident.

Andrea said...

Your week sounds like mine - busy! You need to add some Rock Band to that :)