Friday, May 8, 2009

Things Only MOM Can Do....

Flush the toilet
Clean out the drain in the kitchen sink
Bend over to pick up something on the floor that doesn't belong there
Open the dishwasher
Put the lid down on the toilet without dropping it
Change the toilet paper roll
Put paper towels on the dispenser
Take pictures
Match socks
Clean the bathtub
Kiss boo-boos and make them better
Write things on the grocery list

.....more to come!! Leave your list of things only mom can do in the comment section!


Andrea said...

Have the kids take showers.
Give them medicine at the correct time.
Feed pets when no one else remembers.

Unknown said...

Remember when anniversaries/birthdays/important dates are
Remember to get the mail from the mailbox
Do the laundry when DH needs work clothes
Change the filter in the heater
Water the indoor plants (that he wanted to get)

Dawn said...

definately everything on your list plus, feed the cats, change the cat litter box, change the furnace filter, put gas in the van. I'm sure I could come up with 100 more but those are my biggest pet peeves.

Tracy said...

We have the same "bending at the waist" issue in my house...apparently you must be a mom to know and accomplish the task of bending over and picking something up....
-moms have the incredible insight to actually KNOW when bedrooms must be cleaned
-moms can put their hands into boiling water without flinching, while others in the household seem to only know how to use cold water to clean themselves
-this mom seems to be the only individual in this house who notices the garbage falling out of the can onto the floor because it is FULL!!!
-the mom in this house is the only person who seems to be able to tell time....time to do homework...time to eat dinner...time to take showers....time to go to bed......and don't tell me to buy them all watches...I TRIED THAT!!!!hehehe....

alainaw30 said...

Make the perfect chocolate chip cookies
Translate their babbling to strangers
Soothe them when they're sick
Hold them when they're scared
Tickle them in just the right spots know, some of these things can be done by others, but no one does it quite like a mom.

Stacey said...

Put trash where it belongs
CLEAN the kitchen, not just the dishes
put clothes in the hamper
Sweep, vacuum and mop
clean the bathroom
put shoes away
know where everything is supposed to be in the house

erin richardson said...

Put the diaper in the ACTUAL DIAPER PAIL, not just on top of it.

Nanny said...

Things only a mommy can do? Give great big Mommy hugs.

Unknown said...

Mommy can do it all!