Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dining Room Make Over

This is the dining room floor before work was done. We figure it was last finished during the Great Depression. The floor was not finished where the rug was to save on materials. As you can tell it really needed love. What you cannot tell is that the boards were slightly spaced apart. Any spill would fall right through to the basement! Spill milk on the floor? Clean up in the dining room and the basement!

Here is the finished floor. And furnished dining room, of course. Isn't it a pretty room?


Dawn said...

So what did you have to do to fill in the cracks? I can't imagine mopping up the dinning room AND the basement. UGH what a pain!

Our house is 101 years old and there isn't a shred of hardwoods left. It breaks my heart. They ripped it all up to put in ceramic tile from the front door to the back and everywhere inbetween including the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. WHAHHHHHHH I love hardwoods!

I'd come buy your house but I still wouldn't get to see you so I guess we just have to keep praying that the Lord shows it to the right people!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

No big trick to filling in the cracks, we just laid laminate! LOL