Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And Sometimes It is Hard Being the New Girl

In general, Grace is adjusting really well to her new school.  She seems to love it.  I am, overall, pretty impressed with the school.  The teachers really  seem to care about the kids. They put a lot of responsibility on the kids, but don't just push them over the cliff, if you know what I mean.

The week after Thanksgiving break, they are taking all 180 sixth graders to camp.  For a week.  As one who has been in the trenches of teaching middle school, I can say it takes a special kind of crazy to teach there.  They are going to Camp Michindoh.  Silly me, I thought that must be an Indian name.  Nope.  Mich=Michigan. Ind=Indiana.  Oh=Ohio.  Duh.....

Anyway I went to the parent info meeting last night and they said that each child chooses a bunk mate. Someone they know who be in their cabin so they feel like they have a friend. Then the teachers mix up the rest of the kids so they have opportunity to meet and get to know other kids.  Sounded good.  Except Grace hasn't been able to find a bunk mate.  Everyone she asks has already found theirs.

Oregon is very much like Norwood was.  There are not a lot of new students.  So, in the case, the new girl is left feeling left out.

Yesterday, I also went to pick up the four younger kids up from Bible Club after school (Yes, a Bible Club held in the public school!!!!)  And as we were all standing around waiting for the kids to get out, all of the parents chatted.  Except with me.

Being the new girl can be hard whether you are 11 or 43.


Dawn said...

:( That makes me so sad for both of you!!! I wish you had moved to Pontiac, I'd surely chat it up with you and I don't even have a little one in school! LOL

Andrea said...

I would feel the same as you - you know I can't just strike up a conversation with someone I don't know:) Now my hubby can though! Prayers for you all! Hugs!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I would talk to you. I really would. (((hugs)))