Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Money Saving!

What I am about to say may be shocking to you all, but here it goes.....I PAY for coupons!!  Huh?  How is that saving money?  How can paying for something that is free save you money? 

Easy, it's all about volume!  I go here .  And buy coupons in bulk. There is a nominal "handling " fee.  Truthfully, I look at as if I am paying someone to do the cutting for me.  I really dislike cutting coupons and the whole mess of it.  But I can get multiples of coupons for things I really use!  (Hint: do not get coupons for foods you don't normally keep in the house.  For me that means sweets and desserts.  Then I take these multiple coupons to Kroger or Meijer (both places double coupons) and use them when the items are on sale.  I stock up on what I need.

I got 10 boxes of free pasta!  They were on sale for 10 for $10.  I used $1.00 off of 2 coupons. My Kroger doubles up to $1.00 so each dollar off was actually $2.00 off!  FREE PASTA!!  I got the Ragu for 62 cents a jar.  Yep, I can feed my family of 7 for 62 cents!!!  Wonder how much spaghetti they will eat?

Most groceries with double coupons only double up to 50 cents and everything above 50 cents is raised to $1.00.  Still, that would have been pasta for 50 cents a box! (Not store brand!)

This does take some practice and planning, but I save 45-70% off of my grocery bills!!


Tracy said...

Absolutely it saves money!!! I still do it the old fashioned way and cut coupons but I get my parent's coupons and Mary's coupons so I can accumulate 3 or more of an item because I also cut coupons out of magazines too...I used the pasta coupons at Kroger too...that was a great deal!! I also bought 4 huge family size tubes of Cogate Total for 88 cents each....and last year I was able to stock up on my deodorant and just had to buy my first one last month!! It doesn't save you money though if you buy things you normally don't buy or buy so far ahead that food items expire before you can use be smart about it ...take some time and it certainly will pay off!!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Wow- that's awesome!! Thanks for sharing! Our grocery store won't take anything that is printed off the internet- but this site looks great!