Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today is my and Kevin's 17th wedding anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly the years pass. In 17 years we've bought 2 homes. Had a dog that REALLY did find a home on a farm. Had jobs in 3 school districts and one restaurant and a church. Traveled to the Rocky Mountains, Chicago, Missouri, Atlanta, Tennessee, Florida ,and China.

We've acquired 5 absolutely brilliant, beautiful, vivacious, precious, adorable, amazing children. No, I am not biased! They fill our days with frustration, laughter and hugs and kisses. Love on 2 legs x 5! How blessed are we?

We have an abundance of family who loves us and friends like I've never known to be possible.

We have wonderful church families at Sharonville and Grace.

All because we serve a mighty God! The blessings are because our God is truly and awesome God. I am so grateful to Him everyday that both Kevin and I, in the course of our marriage, came to know him and accept Jesus as our savior and redeemer. Without Him, we would not have lasted 17 years.

I thank God everyday for my wonderful husband and the life we have together. It is not perfect, but it is pretty darn amazing. I thank Him for Kevin and ask that I can be the helper he needs to fulfill his calling.

I love you, Kevin, more and more everyday. And I thank God that He brought you into my life. Happy Anniversary. I love you.


Kate said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TONNI & KEVIN! May God continue to strengthen and bless your marriage and family. I love, "Love on 2 legs X 5"...that should be the name of your blog! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend. God Bless!

Pen of Jen said...

Happy Anniversary!

I am cracking up over the farm comment. I was about 20 before it dawned on me what happened to our dog...mind you we lived on a farm. Not funny about Socks, just the way you phrased it!

Begum said...

Happy Anniversary Tonni & Kevin.
Hope you have many more happy years together!