Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My return to the world of blogging!

Wow! Fred has recovered! And will be home sometime this week. It turns out he did not have a virus, but a partially downloaded program.

I plan to start updating all of you on my mission trip. Please realize that some parts will be sketchy and some names left out. But let me assure that God is working amazing miracles in the area we went to.

Gracie is going to start 3rd grade on Thursday. Olivia will go for Kindergarten screening on Thursday afternoon. She will have a phase in day next Tuesday, will be off on Wednesday and start full time the next day. she is going to be going to all day Kindergarten. She is very excited.

Josiah and Charis will be waiting a year to start preschool. But I am going to start baby sitting 2-3 afternoons a week for a little boy. The boy time will be good for Josiah.

Kevin has started school and has students starting tomorrow. He is finishing up his summer class at Asbury this week. He is going to take the fall of from seminary. He is just so exhausted from being so busy. And so am I! When he is so busy, I have all 5 kids on my own. Anyone who has spent any time with our crew knows that there is no shortage of energy!!

Because HE Lives


Kate said...

Yippee! I'm so glad you're back. I missed you! Can't wait to hear all your stories! I'll write you an email soon..need to catch up!

Much love!

erin richardson said...

"Energy" is what they call that nowadays?? And Olivia's getting so big! She's probably bouncing off the walls. Also cool about Josiah's boy time. Hope the trip is settling well with you.

rednk-n-eurp said...

welcome back, from Sweden.

I think the punctuation may be wrong. Maybe Erin the good English major can help out.

Christin said...

did I just read that right? You ALSO have a daughter named Charis?!!! :) I knew I liked you. hee hee