Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Blessed Be the Tie That Binds

Kevin, Jose, Yamy and me.

Don't you love this picture? These are Jose and Yamy's younger two boy. Daniel and David. They LOVED the Reds caps that Mandy's mom packed. Except they thought they meant that they were Yankees! Too cute!

This is the whole family. David, Yamy, Jose, Fernando, Enmanuel and Daniel. Our family. They have shown us the love of God in a manner we've never experienced before. They are our brother and sister. I guess that makes the boys our nephews!

They married when Yamy was 16 and Jose was 20. It is very common to marry that early, but often times the man is much older than his bride.

Jose is rather soft spoken, until he is in front of his congregation. Then he has such a passion for delivering the word of the Lord.

Yamy is worship leader. She is so dynamic. Her love for the Lord is tangible and contagious. She has a passion for prayer that I have never seen before.

Fenando plays trumpet. Kevin says his playing has really progressed in the last year.

Enmanuel is such a sweet natured young man and very shy.

Daniel is just an ornery as a little boy can be. He and Josiah could get into lots of trouble together!

David is a sweet little guy. He loves lots of attention and his brothers are happy to give it to him.

I long to see them again soon. I miss them desperately and wonder if our relationship would be as intense if we saw each other regularly. It is so obvious that God has placed us all where were are to glorify HIS kingdom. Praise be to God!

Because HE Lives


erin richardson said...

What struck me most were the words: "I miss them desperately". That was the very first thing you said about your children when you came home. Jose and Yamy love you right back, my friend.