Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2 Years Ago

Two years ago today, Miss Charis Xiao-Xing joined our family. She has come so far from that scared little girl that walked into that room in Changsha, Hunan. She would have nothing to do with me for the first several days. Now she is a mama's girl. I can't imagine our lives without her......
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Kate said...

Happy Gotcha Day To You!
Happy Gotcha Day To You!
Happy Gotcha Day Dear Charis!
Happy Gotcha Day To You!!!!!!

Can you believe it's been two years? I can still hear Charis screaming in my ears! =)

Love you guys!

~Kate & Luci

erin richardson said...

Oh, Risi. Totally full of yourself, incredibly stubborn, and completely, completely lovable and loved. What an awesome kid.

Dawn said...

WOW, it is so hard to believe that its been 2 years already! It seems like just yesterday when we were waiting and waiting for our TA's.

Happy Gotcha Day Charis!!!!