Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gorgeous Grace

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as written by Barbara said...

Grace: I feel your eyes looking right at me. I would like to visit with you some time.

erin richardson said...

The shirt says it all? "Princess." I'm liking it. You've got some beautiful girls there. :-)

Dawn said...

So beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing these awesome photos of your kiddos this week!!

Anonymous said...

Tonni, Your children look so happy! Must be because they've got a great mom and dad who love Jesus! Did you have Ella before you came to get Charis? I think I remember you talking about the baby!!! teeehheee!!when we were there! Love you,

Melissa said...

So Tonni...Want to arrange marriage? That Grace is beautiful! I'm scouting out girls for Cameron already. Oh, and having you and Kevin for in-laws would be FANTASTIC! ;-) What a great lookin bunch of kids!