Saturday, March 1, 2008

Awesome News

While you are here, click on breast cancer symbol to the right to help donate free mammograms. Then go here to get some wonderful news about a friend of mine.


as written by Barbara said...

That's always always the best news to hear from anyone! Praise God!

Dawn said...

All I can say is I am still Praising Him for this blessing!!! it was a pretty stressful month, and especially stressful on Wednesday when it just seemed everything was pointing twards it being cancer. If I learned ANYTHING this month it is just how important mammograms are!! I am 41 and technically should have gone last year but I put it off and was kinda "strong armed" into it by our PA friend. If indeed this would have been cancer, it would have been curable, but had I waited until I personally felt something it could have been too late, this "mass" was burried deep within my breast so I will be telling everyone from this day forward to get their yearly mammograms, they really can save lives!!!!!!

erin richardson said...

Way cool. VERY GOOD NEWS indeed!!