Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Day

I love the low 70s. Sunny, warm. There were birds singing when I got up this morning! The sun is peeking out already. The kids will get to (wear themselves out) play outside. As long as Charis doesn't scale the wall and make an escape like she did yesterday, the little monkey, they'll play outside most of the day.

I hope where ever you are, it is gorgeous there, too.


Dawn said...

ENJOY it, we had it this weekend and oh my gosh I had forgotten how nice it could be outside!!! LOL I'm sure if EmmaLi knew she could climb the fence she'd be out of our yard in a flash too, luckily for me she hasn't thought of it.... YET! LOL (the playseason has only just begun!)

as written by Barbara said...

scale the wall??? escape??? don't keep me hanging!

erin richardson said...

Ohhh, no ... the 80's is DEFINITELY where it's at!!