Thursday, October 22, 2009

Back to Health!

Yeah, everyone is feeling better! Charis and Ella are home today as a precaution, but the are feeling great! Making a palace out of couch pillows right now. With periodic breaks to watch the Curious George Movie, of course. I might even go crazy and put clothes on them today. Although that could be a battle, because, I know if I had been in pjs for almost a week, it would be hard to take them off and put on clothes. They did get a bath last night and fresh pjs if you were wondering.

Olivia is on a field trip today to the theater. They were supposed to dress nicely. So my daughter, who usually dresses nicely, decided she wanted to wear her favorite shirt. Which would be okay, except she wore it yesterday. And spill dinner down the front of it. I just put my foot down. She tried to lift it a few times, but she is a tiny little thing so..... Anyway she finally left in clean clothes. A silky top shirt of black, pink and red flowers. Over top of a high school musical t-shirt. So Gabrielle and Troy are peeking over the top. At least it was clean, right??


Tracy said...

She told me all about this field trip...she seemed to really be looking forward to it..I am glad she is better and able to go!! AND good work on the clothes thing....she wore clean=mom's happy AND she wore HSM shirt=Olivia's happy...a win win situation!!

CC said...

At least the HSM shirt was UNDER the other one! :) :)

KK said...

So glad everyone is better!