Sunday, September 2, 2007

Guess Who is Using the Potty??

Okay, hold onto your hats, it's been a loooooong time coming! Miss Ris! Finally! She has fought and fought being potty trained for 8 months. She was 3 in April (thanks, Mom). After a discussion with a friend on the phone the other night (waving to Dana) I decided it was time for Ris to understand who was in charge. Honestly, she sat on the potty and argued with me that SHE was in charge. I stayed calm and explained that I AM in charge and that SHE was going to go ON THE POTTY! I may never say this again in my lifetime about an argument with Ris, but I WON! She decided it was pretty cool wearing big girl underwear. And only had a couple of accidents yesterday. And again today. But not too bad! In fact, she was upset last night because we took off the undies to put on a pull up for night time.
Yeah for Charis!!


mom of 3 so far said...

YAHOOO Charis!!!!! We are sooo proud of you. EmmaLi is finally potty trained too! (took us 7 months so don't feel bad!)

erin richardson said...

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. That's really cool!!! I'm doing a ridiculous little I-can't-do-this-in-public dance of joy for you & yours. I'm glad she's getting it. :-) Go you!

Kate said...

Way to go Charis!!! Hey Mom...what is it with these Chenzhou Cuties? STUBBORN BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!


rednk-n-eurp said...

Smile Charis!! Way to go!! We hope we can convince Sam here soon.

Christin said... mentioned it was a stressful day. I hope it got better? Blessings on your evening!