Monday, September 17, 2007


Where does it go? I am always busy and yet never seem to catch up. There's laundry, dishes, shoes to tie, noses to wipe, bottoms to wipe, dishes to clean, the dishwasher to empty, homework to check, floors to sweep, bathrooms to scrub, keys to find, projects to do, clothes to swap out for the season, furniture to dust, beds to make, phone calls to make, appointments to keep....sigh....sometimes I get so caught up in all of this stuff that I forget what really counts...truly in the scheme of life counts.

Remember to spend time with my Lord and Savior. Whether in the Word, in prayer, in song. EVERY day. My days are so much better when they are lived this way, and yet I "forget" or "run out of time." Luckily, HE doesn't forget me. And I get those gentle proddings. That little voice in my soul that reminds me.

Taking time to enjoy my kids. Not to just coexist while they are playing in the next room, but to play with them. To sing and dance and read and color. Sometimes it seems like they've been this age forever. But I thought that with Grace who is now 8. Right now she is outside playing and has only given me a total of 10 minutes since getting home from school.

Time to spend with my husband. We're both guilty here, know that the other will always be there waiting when we are ready. But someday we won't be. Someday one of us is going to go home before the other. I don't want one of us to wish we'd been around more.

Time with friends, just to make a phone call to say hello. How many times have I thought of a friend through the day. How hard is it to pick up the phone and say "I love you." Doesn't take much time. And so often God brings someone to mind because s/he needs a little prayer or a hello. Why do we ignore those thoughts? OR think that person will always be around. They won't be and neither will I.

Why don' t I stop and remember the things that are truly important???? Why don't you????


erin richardson said...

*ring, ring* Pause. *ring, ring* Hello? Yep. I love you.

Christin said...

Yeah. I so agree. Limited time. Priorities. Balancing the two can be sooooo difficult. the things I SAY are priorities are so easily pushed to the back burner. The things that carry no eternal weight. ...or aren't even weighty issues in light of next week, can so easily become the thing that I "get done".
May God give us wisdom to balance and prioritize. And then the "umph" to act it out.