Monday, January 7, 2008

Little Steps 3

A successful week last week, overall.....lots of prayer, vitamins every day, water Friday and Saturday. Back to that today. No sweets. Weight loss: 1 pound.

Steps for this week. Add a vegetable at dinner every night. Water daily. I also went through my computer bookmarks and deleted a lot of them, hopefully causing me to spend less time on the computer and more time up moving around.

Successful little steps to you!


erin richardson said...

And happy little steps to you! I've decided that instead of just hating peas, I hate canned peas. I've decided that I like frozen ones because they're not so mushy. Uck. Mushy things. So have fun with your veggies! Keep it up, girl!

Melissa said...

Woohoooo!! Good for you!! I decided that I had gotten enough exercise by hauling heavy loads of Christmas stuff back to the basement. I passed by the treadmill down there and glanced at it lovingly...shame I hate the darn thing!! LOL!