Friday, January 4, 2008

Little Steps part 2

Okay, so I have taken my vitamins several days in a row. And as I told my friend Tracy, they are HONKIN' big pills!!

No sweets, either....

Next step, adding some water. I am not a water drinker. In fact, all I drink is diet Pepsi. Sometimes (rarely, I might add) I drink the unleaded (caffeine-free variety.) Now, if I say I am going to start drinking 8 glasses a day, I am setting myself up for failure. So, for today, I am having water with my lunch. A LARGE glass.

I must mention, that prayer is a big part of restructuring my life. Ya might say I am addicted to prayer. I pretty much have a conversation with God going on in my head many times during the day. So, no, I am not talking to myself if you happen to catch me with my lips moving!

Because HE Lives


erin richardson said...

Vitamins. Check. And congrats on the no sweets. I like the whole setting small goals thing. Like the big glass of water at lunch instead of 8 cups a day. That would terrify me. In addition to having to pee all the time. Not that I think you need more bodily-function talk with five monkeys running around ... Anyway. I think you're smart. Didja still remember the water even though you went out for lunch?

And if you DO end up talking to yourself -- don't worry. I think I left My Analyst there, so you're covered. Love -- me.

Dawn said...

Oh girl you are my hero, I think for me though I have to start even smaller, like 1 glass of water a week, I don't think I could give it up Dr Pepper that easily, he's been there for me for years now! Besides if I suddenly stop drinking it, it could cause a lot of people to be layed off and financial disaster to the entire company (LOL) I better take it REALLY slow!