Friday, January 4, 2008

Why Buy Toys?

Today, I emptied our dvd's into one folder. Much more space efficient! So, as I emptied them, I threw them down on the floor so I could throw them away when I was done. Well, now I don't have the heart to do it....maybe at nap time!! They are having way too much fun with them and NOT fighting!!

Don't you love Ella's hair? You'd think with all the hair bows around here, she'ld let me pull the bangs up! And the paci goes away when she turns three in March. That should be LOADS of fun! NOT!!
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erin richardson said...

Indeed! I'm always amused by what children are amused by. :-) Usually the simpler & cheaper, the better. Contrary to what the media says ... Hm... Wonder how that works.

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh girl, you and I think WAY to much a like, I was just saying I needed to find something to put all our DVD's in since they end up stacked on top of the tv and the empty cases are below on the shelves!!

Don't push the passy too much, start preparing her now,let her have it only at night and naps for now and then when she has her birthday put them in a gift bag and tie that to a tree outside to leave for the passy fairy. The passy fairy collectes passy for all the needy babies who can't afford one. Then when she is napping go outside and take that thing down and BURRY it in the trash so she'll never see them again. It works and they are all gone so there is no going back! ;0)