Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mi Casa Es Muy Frio!

My husband thinks I am a wimp. Easy for him to say! He's at work in his nice heated classroom! (Easy for me to say, he hardly ever reads my blog.) I'm sitting huddled over my hot tea wearing a t-shirt, fleece jacket and pullover. I'd take my picture to prove it, but I haven't gotten to make-up yet and no one photographs me without make-up!

It is so much harder to get the kids up and moving when it's cold. Especially Olivia who is just not a morning person. When it's cold they just want to snuggle into the covers deeper.

I went to take the chill off of the house the other morning and guess what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Kind of like when I call the kids to help me with something. What happens? Nothing, the noisiest children on earth disappear. Become silent. Creepy..... So, silence. No heat.

Because I like to know what is going on, I flipped on the A/C. Had to turn it waaaay down into the 50s because it was that cold in here. Yep, the A/C came on! Hmmm, so it's not the blower. I'm such an expert!

Yesterday, around 11:00 my heroes arrived in their white van! It was hard not to fall at their feet! I took them downstairs and explained the problem. Within minutes one guy was up with an answer and was running to the van for a new switch. That didn't fit. That's okay, Cincinnati is a big city! There has to be the right switch here somewhere, right? Wrong. The closest one is in Columbus.

So, they are scheduled to return sometime today. Sometime. It's 60 degrees in here and falling. Mi casa es muy frio.


Mommakitten said...

mi casa apenas correcta, quiere venir aquí?

Kate said...

Oh..they better fix it. When momma ain't happy, no one is happy...or warm for that matter!!!

Anita said...'re not a wimp....that's cold for in the house! Are ya wearing a coat and shoes and socks and, and....? I would be!! Praying they get it fixed today!!

erin richardson said...

I hope your heroes get there soon! I hate being cold, too.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Brrrr.... I'd be walking around wearing several layers of blankets. Hope they fix it soon!

Melissa said...

It's 46 outside here, was 29 earlier. We're down to like 5% on our propane. The new gas people where supposed to be here today to get the new FULL tank hooked up. They came while I was in the shower (thank God no one wanted to use the toilet...see post previous post for reference!). Soooo...they will be back on Friday. I may be feeling your pain if we run out of propane!!

Dawn said...

BRRRRRR!!!! I hear ya girl, that is NOT a good thing!! Hopefully everything will be fixed soon!

Oh and thanks to all of Kaitlyn's spanish chatter I actually knew what the title was before reading your post, I'll have to thank her later!

as written by Barbara said...

I just read your post. Hopefully, all is fixed by now. If not, I say husband must supply ALL the space heaters necessary... 'cause Mama MUST be warm to be happy!!!

Hilty Sprouts said...

Brrrrrr! I hear you! Our older home that we moved into is not as efficient as our last house. It has been really cold and I find myself taking really long, hot showers in the morning to get myself going before work!


megan said...

well you are in good company, bc i am sitting in my flannel jammies, a giant turtleneck, wool socks and slippers, with my down comforter draped over me like a cape.
we have electric baseboard heat that is about as efficient as your heater when it's broken....HA!! okay maybe a little more efficient than that, but it's cold in here.
so, i feel ya!!
hope they show up today with the right switch and get you rolling again. a woman needs to be warm in the morning, ESPECIALLY if she is wrangling several children out of their warm cozy beds!!!

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Unknown said...