Monday, February 16, 2009


Welp, we've entered the world of video games. Wasn't gonna do it. But there are many things I wasn't going to do once I had kids that I do! Like television. My kids weren't going to watch tv. Can you believe that I can recite the entire PBS schedule? In case you don't believe me:

6:30AM In Between the Lions
7:00 Arthur
7:30 Martha Speaks
8:00 Curious George
8:30 Sid the Science Kid
9:00 Super Why
9:30 Clifford
10:00 Sesame Street
11:00 Dragon Tales
11:30 World World
Noon Super Why
12:30 Sid the Science Kid
1:00 "Big Kid Programming"
2:00 Caillou
2:30 Barney
3:00 Curious George
3:30 Martha Speaks
4:00 Arthur
4:30 Word Girl
5:00 Ruff Ruffman (except on Fridays when it is The Electric Company)

I imagine by this point you are either duly impressed or saddened by my lack of a real life!

So, back to the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! The kids have had the opportunity to play Wii at friends' homes. Of course they love it. I asked Josiah what he wanted for his birthday and he wanted a Wii. Nothing else. So we talked it over and talked to the kids about asking for birthday money to pay for it. They agreed to it. One huge benefit is not having a bunch of new things lying around the house. (I've just gotten it back under control from Christmas!) Then, we were blessed to find one of the guys from church who wanted to sell his used one.

So, we have a Wii and a few games. And now we are trying to figure out how to regulate it. Josiah would be on it non-stop if we let him. So, all of you Wii owners out there, I am curious to how you handle it in your home. Is it a free for all? Do you limit the time? If you have more than 2 kids, how do you handle the sharing? Any games you LOVE? Any you won't allow in your house? Why for both of these??


Andrea said...

The Wii will let you set a time limit on it for each kid. We stick to games that are E for everyone, except Rock Band. The boys said "Carnival" is o.k. I've heard Mario Kart is fun.

Melissa said...

Cameron (who is 11) would play 24/7 too but we only allow an hour of play at a time...Needless to say, Anna and Ju do pretty well at reminding him. Plus, I keep an eye on the timers that show how long each game was played per day. I think once the newness of it wears off, the kids will play it less. Julia and Anna love playing Wii Music, can always rent a few games before you buy them. :-) We also have 4 controllers so we can bowl together. Anna isn't into it, but it makes it fun to have more people playing.

Dawn said...

Melissa is right once the newness wears off it isn't nearly as bad. Em loves to play when she isn't playing. LOL Once she gets on it she'll play for 20 minutes or so and then she moves on. We don't have any other games besides the sports and the Wii fit yet but we've rented a few. I think renting is awesome because we get them for 3 days and we can really see if we like them. A store at our mall has used games at a discount too, that helps. Not much help to offer for sharing, Kait is never home so it's just Em and I playing when we can. I would second getting more controllers, that is on our list for Easter, it's hard to share those! LOL

Enjoy it, it really is fun. I was a "never in my house" kind of girl too but this won me over and I have used it more than anyone so far! LOL

Ohhh but be prepared for the
Ow-wii you'll get after your first day of playing. darned old muscles!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Here's our stratagy for turn taking on the Wii-
2 kids at a time, one kid gets "controller one" (which apparently is a big deal) and controller one person picks the game. After that game, kid 1 & 2 switch controlers, new controler one kid picks the game. Then we switch to 2 new kids. We go one full round through all the kids then take a break.
Hope that makes sense. It took us a bit to figure out how to cycle between 7 kids without fighting, but this seems to work for us!!

Kate said...

We got a Wii over Christmas and we're pretty strict with it. Mostly because the boys can play Wii, PS3, Xbox for HOURS. So they are only allowed to play games on the weekends AFTER chores and homework. Since they all have busy schedules with church, school and sports, they don't seem to mind much. Luci doesn't play anything yet.

For me, I love, love, love Wii Fit! If you don't have it...get it!

Knopf Family said...

We love our Wiii Tonni! We got wii fit and the healthy family competition has been fun and keeps us laughing. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I think of you guys often:)

Unknown said...

No Wiiiiiiiiii, no way!

CC said...

I still haven't even tried out the Wii. But I really want to!! Can I come over?? ;)