Friday, February 13, 2009

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time....

If you know my husband at all, you know how the rest of that sentence goes....

"Did I ever tell you about the time Jamie Lee Curtis chased me through the LA airport to get my address?"

And I must admit, she did. I was there and I saw it. I laugh when he tries to leave the story at just that line.

It was 6 years ago, and we were on our way home from China with Miss Livi. We got into LA the night before and had decided not to take the red eye back home. So our flight the next morning left at some ridiculous time in the morning. And we were tired. Livi decided to stay on China time and was up most of the night.

We were standing in the line to board the plane. Off to the side the security people were doing the 'extra' search on a random passenger. As she was taking off her shoes, I turned to Kevin and said, "She looks like Jamie Lee Curtis." (I probably shouldn't mention that she was one of Kevin's objects of lust as a middle school/high school kid, so I won't mention it.) He says he said, "That IS Jamie Lee Curtis." I have no recollection of that at all.

As they were making this woman empty all of her pockets, she noticed Olivia. And started talking to her and us. "Oh, look at the baby! What a cute baby! At the same time, she was brushing off apologies from the security guards. They were just doing their jobs and shouldn't feel badly about it. And then she'd turn back and talk more to Olivia.

I turned to Kevin at one point and said, "You know, she even sounds like Jamie Lee Curtis."

Now, he swears said, "When you are someone, you usually sound like them." Sure, like I'd miss 2 comments like this?? Remember, we were exhausted!!

So we were walking down the hallway and this crazy lady runs up to Kevin going on and on about Olivia and how beautiful she was and how wonderful adoption is..... I was so tired by this point that I just walked on ahead of them and got on the plane and found my seat.

A few minutes later, Kevin came back to our (coach) seats and said, "Jamie Lee Curtis wants us to give her our address. She wants to send something to Olivia."

I am sure I looked completely shocked. I just remember saying, "That really was her!!"

A little while later, a flight attendant came back with a piece of paper to write our address on. She gushed on and on about Miss Curtis and how great she is to have on board. Now I really glad that only Kevin heard my ignorant remarks.

A few weeks later, a package arrived for Olivia with two of Jamie's books in it. Both autographed. They are adoption related as Jamie has adopted children, too.

Let's just say that I am now a fan, too. A bit ignorant maybe, but a fan nonetheless.

*****I forgot to mention that Olivia and Jamie Lee Curtis share the same birthday. So far, our dreams of JLC paying for Olivia's college hasn't come to fruition. Jamie, if you're reading this (yes, I am that delusional) thank you for the books! We didn't know how to get in touch with you!*******


Andrea said...

I remember you telling me this. Everytime I read a book of her's to the boys, I think of that story.

a Tonggu Momma said...

PRICELESS!!!! That is hysterically funny... and very, very sweet, too. This is a story you can remind Olivia of when she's a teen or young adult, snickering at truly bad movies from the eighties. Oh, and True Lies. And A Fish Called Wanda. Because those movies were EXCELLENT.

Unknown said...

wow, that's a great story!

I've always liked Jamie Lee Curtis.
I think she's pretty cool and unaffected for being a celebrity.

erin richardson said...

:-) That's pretty funny.

Dawn said...

Oh how funny!! What a great story!

Mommakitten said...

I have never heard this story! How awesome is that for her to send her that!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

I remember you telling the story on our yahoo group right after coming home!! It's just as good hearing it 6 years later and I'm sure will be a treasured story for Olivia. Great to hear a positive celeb story:)