Monday, July 20, 2009

Jury Duty, Day 1

I sat...for a long time......and sewed about 50 bows.....a really long time. At one point I called to check and and Kevin says, "I hope you don't hate what I've done to your dining room." (That was reassuring. ?)

Then I sat more. Watched a little CNN, spent some time playing on line, had a little lunch. I was called back at 1:45 (At least it was supposed to be at 1:45) to be told the trial had been continued and I was not needed. Sniff, sniff......Everyone wants to be needed, well, except at jury duty!

So I am home, and I am back on call again tomorrow. Jealous aren't you??

And my dining room looks great!!

The shelves are new. All of the items on them or hanging are from our mission trips in Cub@.


Mommakitten said...

OH! The wall has been started <3
I think next year, I need to get one of the wooden Cub@ islands for myself... they are just way too cool.

KK said...

I loved when Crickets Cry! He has some other good ones too!

Anita said...

Very cool! I'd like to do something like that with our things from China. Hmmmm.... :)