Sunday, February 10, 2008

Okay, this is getting ridiculous!!

I am home from church today. Second week in a row. Sick kids! Are you kidding me? This time it is a stomach virus. Both ends, if you get my meaning! ICK!!! Josiah, Charis and Ella are the victims this time. Ella and Ris are fine this morning. It's Josiah today. And just let me say that he is such a stereotypical male. You know what I mean. Plays it up big time. Everything said in a sing-songy whiney voice.

This afternoon I....GET TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!! Okay, I admit it, I am taking Olivia to a birthday party, but I'll be out of the house with only one kiddo!! It's like summer vacation!!


Anita said...

Oh YUCK and ICK is right!! I think you need to fumigate up there!! (hee hee!!)...No up those windows and get some Lysol or pray for spring to arrive SOON could always come south and really have a summer vacation early! :)

erin richardson said...

I REALLY think you need to see this, my friend:


I hope your babies are feeling better today ... for their sake AND yours! And I hope the getting-out-of-the-house was everything you'd hoped for and more.