Monday, May 19, 2008

You Know It's Bad

When you literally have to pull this bad boy out in order to clean your daughters' room!! We are

in the process of moving out cribs and toddler beds and putting the girls in bunk beds.
So I super cleaned the girls' room. Two big bags of toys to pass on. Two big bags of trash. Two laundry baskets of dirty laundry. The bunks are currently being painted a pale pink. Will definitely publish finished product pictures!


Dawn said...

ROFLOL!!! BTDT more times than I care to admit. Kaitlyn is the queen of hording and we get that much out of her room anually (and she has her own room, she can't even blame it on her sister!)

Mommakitten said...

I want pale pink bunk beds :( Mommy please!!!

erin richardson said...

Every home needs a shopvac. I decided this many moons ago when I discovered that a shopvac will pick up nails, chunks of wood, and the kitchen sink. Kids won't pick up their rooms? Mommy's just going to vacuum! Wave that bad boy around and just see what they do. *evil snickering*

Melissa said...

Hey! You forgot the power washer! I swear Anna had put every type of make-up on her walls before we re-did it. What makes kids paint the walls with lipstick, chapstick, nail polish, Vaseline, and other lovely oil based products?