Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another Rainy Day & Other Meanderings

I am really tired of the rain!!!!!!!!!! You can sure bet I am not dancing! Rain means my kids are literally running laps and around furniture. Or fighting over who sits on my lap. Or yelling each other. With 5 of them, that is a whole lot of yelling!! And my sweet babies girls, Elliana and Charis are practicing for 10 years from now, when they are 13 and 14. They talk as nasty to each other as any eighth grade girl I ever had in my classroom. You can bet that I can hardly wait until there are a few hormones added into this mix!

And Josiah? He turns into Whiny Man in this kind of weather. I still don't understand why that happens. Then he attaches himself to my right arm, usually while I am writing or trying to use the mouse or any other of the myriad of things I do with right hand, since I am RIGHT HANDED.

And did I mention that trying to help a nine year old with multiplication homework when she hasn't bothered to learn the facts is not fun. For either of us? She gets frustrated and so do I. Let's just say I have the flash cards ready for drilling this summer. She'll be thrilled, I am sure. But, that is why I exist, to bring joy and sunshine to my adorable children......sigh...they are so delusional!

This has been a long long week. Kevin has been gone until later than usual Monday , Wednesday and today. I was gone a good part of Tuesday night. For a couple of homebodies, we just haven't been here much. But tomorrow, he is taking off of work! And next week he is taking the whole week off of church! Yeah! We are going up to visit Nanny and PawPaw next weekend.

Ooo, and tomorrow we start getting ready for Operation Girls' Room! We bought 2 sets of bunk beds. They needed painted and put together. I've been buying sheets off of ebay. We're going to get rid of lots of stuff....but don't tell the girls that!!

Well, my monkeys think they need some attention, imagine that!!


Dawn said...

whew, what a week!!! I hope you get some time to yourself when you visit Nanny and PawPaw!

I can't wait to see photos of the girls room when its done, it is a lot of work but it will be sooo worth it!!


erin richardson said...

How are the bunk beds coming? Hope you're having a good Saturday ... and hoping that the ground's dry enough that the little bits can go out and run off some of their energy while the sun's out. :-) Love!