Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potty Talk

Please, remember to flush the toilet when you are finished!!
Yes, this is the sign that is now posted in our bathrooms. Two toilets shared by seven people really require a lot of maintenance. A LOT OF MAINTENANCE. (gross.)
All five of my children seem to have forgotten how to flush. Requiring EVEN MORE maintenance! (gross)
What happened to the day of potty training (not that I really want to go back there.) You know, when it was considered a treat to flush the potty? I wouldn't let them flush unless they had actually 'done their business' because it was such a positive reinforcement. Now it is like punishment.
I've tried everything. Sending them back to flush. Asking them in FRONT OF THEIR FRIENDS if they've flushed. Having them clean the toilets themselves.
So now, my poor pathetic little sign is all I have left. And, honestly, I don't have a whole lot of faith in it.
So, if you are talking to me on the phone and you hear the flushing, just know I've found someone's left overs.......again......


Tracy said...

I can sooo sympathize with ya here!!! Whew...and as a side note...WHY...tell me WHY can't little boys (and big ones too) hit the potty when they pee??? Honestly it isn't like they have a little target to hit or anything!!!!!

Dawn said...

EEEEWWWWW I think that falls in to the TMI catagory! LOL

erin richardson said...

i really want to leave some snarky remark about flushing and phones and you going to the bathroom on the phone, but i'm too tired to actually think it through.

and if you're really missing the potty training, i can hand you a kiddo ripe for training in a few years. :-) i wouldn't want you to have to do without.

Anita said...

Oh I know how ya feel...except my messies are finally grown! And thankfully Kaylin is still at the "I LOVE to flush the potty stage". Does it help to say that it does get better.....a few years from now? ;)

Hilty Sprouts said...

It's a strange phenomenon isn't it? My 5 year old is that way and I just don't get it!