Monday, November 12, 2007

Meme 10/20/30

Okay, gotta admit, I don't have a clue what 'meme' stands for! LOL!! but Dawn at Humming Birds Don't Lie tagged me, so here it goes.....

10 years ago, my life and my marriage really turned around. Kevin made a true commitment to Christ and life has not been the same. We were living in our first house and had a puppy. Everyone said a baby would come next and a year later Miss Grace entered our world.

20 years ago (wow has it really been 20 years since I was 21??) I was still in college...Ohio State...Go Bucks!!! (sheepishly reminded of last week's loss to Illinois!) I was still marching with the Pride of Cincinnati ( ) ...not dating anyone seriously. Living at home and having a great time!!

30 years ago...middle school...yuck...not fitting in....parents of the most difficult times of my life!!

Okay, Kate, yes, YOU, Kate in MD!! You have officially been tagged!! Hugs to Luci!!


Cindy said...

Well meme, in internet terms, is basically a chain letter or something that someone is trying to spread or make a fad.

Yes I am that much of a nerd that I knew that.

Dawn said...

don't feel bad, I had no idea what meme meant either and I am the one who tagged you LOL!!!!!!!

Isn't it amazing how FAR your life has come in such a short period of time?! That was what was amazing to me when I looked back. I'm with you on the 30 years ago part, middle school was a horrible time in my life as well!

Thanks for "playing along" I promise I won't make this a habit!!


erin richardson said...

Hmmm .... this "meme" thing frightens me. Though I do agree -- on a scale of one to awful, middle school was like a 654.

Kate said...

Oh man, oh man..the pressure's on!

I'll have my post up today! =)

Much Love,