Monday, November 19, 2007

What a weekend!

First, I apologize. I try to regularly post. I know how disappointed I am when I read a blog loyally and then there are several days without a post. But, life does get in the way, doesn't it?

I was at the doctor on Thursday to have my cholesterol checked. My weight was down...YEAH! And to talk to her about my migraines. I have been in such a cycle with my migraines the past month or so. More days with than without. But we have a plan to get them under control. I actually had a day and a half where I was migraine free!

On Friday, sweet little Elliana had to go to the doctor. She has a double ear infection...AGAIN! Poor baby. No wonder she hasn't been sleeping.

On Saturday, we had our Thanksgiving dinner at church and our first Family Fun Night (also known as THE NIGHT OF AWESOMENESS...ask our youth pastor.) It was lots of fun. We had a bon fire on the front lawn, games in the lounge, a movie upstairs for the kids and nursery care. Something for everyone!

Sunday morning we had church as usual. A wonderful service. Our pastor rocks (not that I am prejudice at all.) After naps, it was back to church for my sister in law's ?? birthday party. I won't give her age away, just tell you she was 17 when my hubby was born....did I mention he's 43?

Then, of course we had to get the kids to bed before The Amazing Race started!

A really great weekend, but with kids so small, it can be exhausting to have fun!


erin richardson said...

Apology magnanimously accepted. With the sweeping bow and EVERYTHING. The Night of Awesomeness was, indeed, pretty awesome. I can't wait till next month! Ohhhh, I hope I won't be out of town that weekend.

Dawn said...

Your days are starting to sound so much like ours.

I'm so sorry the baby is sick, thats so hard!! Atleast the other stuff was fun!

I forgive your absences, but don't let it happen again. LOL