Friday, November 9, 2007


We've really been battling Miss Oliva and her sleep this past couple of weeks. Olivia is going to be 6 on Thanksgiving. For at least the past three years, getting Livi to sleep has been crazy! When she goes to bed she seems to get some kind of adrenaline rush. Or maybe just a rush of 'I wonder how far I can push until I get in trouble.'

The four girls share one room, and Grace and Olivia share a double bed. This has become a recipe for trouble. The girls go to bed and Olivia attacks. Literally. She will sing as loudly as she can in Grace's ear. She will pinch her, hit her, bite her, kick her. You name it Olivia has done it or will do it once she thinks of it.

We have tried everything. Making her sleep in the hallway (okay we did that last night. This morning she told me how fun it is!), taking away her blankie, taking away privileges, talking to her, offering rewards for not terrorizing her sister. You name it, we've done it.

Thankfully, she is an angel at school. But her teacher looks at me strangely when I ask if she is agressive with the other kids!
As you can see from the picture above, most of the time the girls adore each other......
*sigh* I think I need a nap!!


erin richardson said...

Don't you love it when people leave comments? :-) I'm sorry Liv's being a stinker ... that's got to make life pretty difficult for you. Wishing you better sleep tonight than I'm apparently getting. Love --