Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being the Pastor's Wife

I really had no idea what a pastor's wife did, until I became one. I KNOW I did not appreciate the pastors' wives in my life. But I sure do now!!

So, what do I do?

1. Pray. A lot. For my husband to be strong in his faith.

2. Take the children by myself at moment's notice when hubby has been called with an emergency.

3. Wash lots of dishes.

4. Realize that NO schedule is written in stone.

5. Pray. A Lot. For the church family.

6. Try not to know too much about what is going on. It's just safer this way!!

7. Pray. A Lot. For my own patience.

8. Smile. A Lot!

9. Teach Bible Study.

10. Pray. A Lot. For the ministries of the church.

11. Set boundaries around myself and my family.

12. Know the names of all the people who attend service.

13. Did I mention, I pray? A LOT!


Andrea said...

You are an awesome pastor's wife! So very kind and patient!

Dawn said...

I wish our pastor was married to someone as amazing as you. She is pretty much the opposite of you! Its very sad!!!

HUGS to you, I know it can't be easy some days!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Now I know why I could never be a pastor's wife.

"12. Know the names of all the people who attend service."

Wait.. what did you think I was talking about?!?! Harrumph. ;)

Anita said...

Yep and I can think of some you didn't name too!! :) I guess I had in-house training as a PK before being a Pastor's wife! HA!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Tonni, You're an awesome woman of God and I'm sure your congregation appreciates all those prayers you send up on their behalf:) It's interesting to see a pastor's wife's perspective. Our oldest, Caleb, is feeling called to be a youth/music minister. I pray he finds a wife to support and encourage his ministry someday!

Unknown said...

I'm sure you are the coolest pastor wife around

Hilty Sprouts said...

Wow, I should pray for you, a lot! :0)


CC said...

Wait. Is there a lot of prayer involved? lol!

Although my husband is almost done with his MDiv, he, thankfully, doesn't want to be a pastor. I'm pretty darn sure I couldn't be a pastor's wife. I can't give all my plans up on a moment's notice!

makeyourhomesing said...

I am a pastor's wife too. I was a little uncertain about my role when he became a pastor but I figured I was the pastor's WIFE and I knew how to do that.

I, too, pray a lot. It is a great opportunity to serve the Lord in a special way but you definitely find out way more about people than you thought you ever would. Hence, the need for prayer!