Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking a Break

I am taking a break from making hair bows. I've been making them for 3 years. I enjoy it a lot, but there are a couple of factors I am taking into consideration.

First, a new law requiring lead testing on all products for children ages 13 and under is making it impossible for me to continue once it goes into effect on the 10th of Feb. There has been some work in Washington to change this law to provide an exemption for home crafters as it did for resale shops, garage sales, etc. So, I am watching what is happening there.

Secondly, there is so much going on in our lives right now that I just need to let something go. So, for the time being, it is the hair bow making.

If the exemption should come through, I'll re-examine where I am with this, but for the time being, I just want to thank all of you who have been my customers these past three years. I've really enjoyed getting to know you all. You've been wonderful!

Because He Lives,


Dawn said...

I totally understand. This new law is going to hurt so many of us. I fear it will only be changed too late for some who have come to depend on this income.

I hope things settle down for you soon!!

Love ya girl!

a Tonggu Momma said...

The Tongginator still ADORES the bows you gave her as a gift. Thank you! And I truly hope this law changes.... what were they thinking?!?!!

Hilty Sprouts said...

That law is such a shame! I totally understand your reasons for taking a break but we will sadly miss your bows and headbands! They are wonderful!


erin richardson said...

black market hairbows, anyone?