Friday, January 9, 2009

An Amazing Blessing

Last night, my Bible study took the night off from 'studying' to pray for one of our own. Our dear friend, Linda, has been really sick for a couple of months. She is waiting for a study to open up for her for a new medication. Her immune system is compromised. She runs a fever most of the time. She is exhausted.

When she asked for prayer, we were so blessed! A few of the ladies had to beg off. They were worried because they were sick or had been exposed to germs and didn't want to take the chance of carrying germs to Linda.

We met up at church and piled into Tracy's car. When we got to Linda's, we spent some time meeting her 2 birds, cat, and dog and catching up with each other.

And then we started to pray. All holding hand. Prayers for Linda's physical, mental, and spiritual health. Heart felt prayers from a group of people who love Jesus and love Linda.

Then I read some Bible versus about annoining with oil. Exodus 30:22-25, Hebrews 1:9, and James 5:13-16. Then we laid hands on Linda. We prayed and annointed her with oil. I felt that the Spirit was right there in our midst. Absolutely palpable.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow......


Andrea said...

Sounds like an amazing experience!

Dawn said...

What a blessing it is for her to have all of you as friends!! Sounds like a beautiful experience for everyone and I pray that your prayers are all answered!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

What an uplifting testimony to the power of prayer. To feel the spirit move is an amazing experiance. May God bless Linda and you all.

Unknown said...

Praise God. I wish I could of been their Tonni, and so does Katie. But her and I shared fellowship last night while you ladies were with Linda. I hope we can go see her again soon.