Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Suggestions, please.....

Tongu Mama over at Our Little Tonginator blogged today about a 'date' she and her husband had. It got me to thinking. Kevin and I often use our date time for dinner and then something exciting like grocery shopping.

I am hoping that all 10 of you who read this blog, might have some suggestions for 'date nights.' We are looking for something relatively inexpensive. Just because that is where we are in life. And we don't even have a stock portfolio to have one crash!

I look forward to your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Ok, go see FireProof the movie when it's a matinee. Our community group went, we all chipped in for babysitting and Little Caesar's Pizza (cheap!) for the kids and babysitters. I made a pitcher of Tang for them to drink. It is a fantastic (ok, the STORY is fantastic, some of the acting isn't) movie. Great message for marriages.

Kate said...

I'm a big advocate for FireProof as well. We are marriage mentors and our church and viewed this at a screening a few months back. It is wonderful.

Another great idea that Brian and I just did was we relived a date before we had kids. It was fun to think of places we loved when we were younger and plan our date around that. Which included PARKING at Lover's Point!!! hee hee I know--TMI!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Obviously we need the help, too. I shall wait with bated breath for any and all suggestions.

(Did you see the husband's comment? I'm wondering what he's planning... perhaps I should send him here for ideas.)

erin richardson said...

Mini golf!

Frisbee golf @ Winton Woods.

Hike/walk on the trails @ Winton Woods.

Picnic @ Bellvue Park.

Watch the library's event calendar: http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/programs/calendar.html

Watch UC's calendar for plays, concerts, art shows, sports events: http://calendar.uc.edu/wv3/wv3_servlet/urd/run/wv_event.WeekList?evdt=20080930,evfilter=6854,ebdviewmode=grid

Make fun of people @ the flea market!!! Like Keith's 40-something co-worker who sells Hot Wheels. And who gets an allowance every week to go and buy MORE HOT WHEELS. Seriously. Hundreds of $$ a year on little toy cars. It's like dude. Save up and BUY THE REAL THING.

Caesar's Creek State Park is a fabulous place. Fossil hunting on the spillway. Beach for swimming and sunning. Spread out a blanket at night and watch the stars. http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/tabid/720/default.aspx

And let's face it. There's always the local Motel 8. ;-)


OR, you can start thinking about the grocery store in a different way. For Keith & me, it's more often about our attitude than whatever it is we're actually doing together. We can go to the grocery together and it's a chore. But other times, we go, and it really is a date.

Opening doors for the ladies. (Automatic ones make this SO HARD.) Telling jokes. Flirting in the canned goods. Making fun of a certain fruit display that looks rather phallic. Getting chilly in the frozen foods which obviously necessitates a hug. Picking out presents for each other. I might pick out some steaks that are on sale (or not on sale if I'm feeling frisky) for Keith's present, and he might pick out a tub of sherbet for me.

Things like the grocery store aren't necessarily lame dates. It's what you do with it that counts.

Dawn said...

DATE???? Hmmm, I guess you had better hope the other 9 people have good ideas cuz this momma ain't been on a date in decades!! LOL (especially if you are saying that the grocery store doesn't count)

rednk-n-eurp said...

we have started a date night co-op with two other couples at the church we go to in Sweden. One saturday night a month (we decided on the third) one couple hosts all the kids, a total of five. The host couple is responsible for feeding the kids and entertaining them for the evening. We dropped the boys off at four and picked them up around 8p. that was time enough for a ferry ride to an island near our host's house and dinner. it was nice. so two out of three months you get a date night. the other you get to host some kids.

megan said...

maybe something free and fallish like a walk through an apple orchard. there's a great one outside of milford called rouster's. they have fresh cider and frozen cider popcicles! and it's beautiful.
have you ever been to glenwood gardens?? it's one of the hamilton county parks on route 4 in glendale. it's beautiful and wonderful and has long walking trail through the most gorgeous gardens.....oxox

Unknown said...

you mean ~ go out with another adult?
alone? no kids?

yea right


Andrea said...

The Cincinnati Art Museum is free admission. I suggest a stop there and then Krohn's Conservatory after. Our "dates" lately have been going for walks when Josh is home in the mornings.

Anita said...

Well I've got to say a third AMEN to Fireproof!! Oh it's REALLY good you guys. And that's the first date we have had in a LONG time. But if I were to try and make it cheap, you could always go to Starbucks and share a dessert and coffee....or then again the grocery store idea sounds yummy too! HA!

Melissa said...

I'm with Ada & Dawn...date nights? What are those? LOL!

But when are feeling like we NEED to go out alone, we set some rules:

1. I don't talk about things around the house the need to be done or fixed.

2. Wayne doesn't drone on and on about work and the issues happening there.

3. Limited talk about the kids (unless it's super important or about Christmas/birthday presents)

4. We always order dessert!! (My personal fave!)

5. We try to hold hands, open doors, whispher sweet nothings, and let the other one listen to what they want on the radio. LOL!

6. I personally have to remember that being romantic isn't Wayne's strong suit, so when he tries even the smallest thing, I need to be appreciative.

Soooo...yeah, not sure I was any help. As the kids get older things have gotten easier to go out and at the same time, they want to go with us less and less if we're going to get "all smoochy and kissy"!!!

Love ya!

Carrie Thompson said...

We have gone to the bookstore, which is our current favorite date spot. We get a starbucks and each get to pick out a date- rather spend my money on a book than dinner! We have gone "neckin" a few time just for the fun of it! Also we have done game nights with friends which is fun, if we can both find sitters. I have a friend who has gone out on a date with her hubbie EVERY Friday night for 9 years. I have envy!

Our 7 Blessings from God said...

Our date nights are few and far between, but our best inexpensive dates are when the kids go to the grandparents to spend the night. We rent a couple of movies and take the phone off the hook. And SLEEP IN the next morning!!

Once a year we go to a dinner theater. That's usually our big date night:)