Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not Again!

Remember Barf Fest a few weeks ago? Well, other than Ella having a cold a last week, we've been pretty healthy.

But then, last night Charis started running a fever. Yes, Charis. The one who never gets sick! I should have seen it coming when she came home from school, turned down a snack and took a nap in the middle of the living room floor. NOT the safest place to lie down in our circus. The kids kept running through, narrowly missing her head while I cringed and cried out warnings.

She skipped dinner, but by about 7:00 the Tylenol/Advil cocktail she was on kicked in and she was feeling well enough to start to pick on the other kids. (I wonder if it is considered child abuse to NOT medicate your child for a fever?)

So, once again, my grand plans for today are rearranged. But that is okay.

AND on the good side, I found my keys!! Of course they were in a place I had looked at least two other times. I think the kids were moving them around just to drive me crazy and I finally just lucked out and came across them before they moved them again. I am sure that several of you were up all night wondering about my keys, so I thought I would put your mind at rest so you can sleep tonight!


Holly said...

Well, the Lord never said parenting would be easy...but He did say we'd never have to do it alone :)

erin richardson said...

oh no!!!!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ugh. Hope she feels better soon. And that no one else gets it.

Dawn said...

So sorry it's looking like a new round. We've managed to be healthy these first five weeks of school... until yesterday. My daughter came home at noon yesterday with a low grade temp and achy. (And there was a LINE of parents before and after me to pick up sick kids at the middle school.) Today, she's added a cough to the mix. My son started complaining about feeling like he was coming down with a cold last night. He just texted me from the high school to say that he was exhausted and had fallen asleep in two of his classes - very, very unusual for my self-motivated student. Seems that this is going to be a rough year for illnesses.

Hope Charis recovers quickly and doesn't share the fun with anyone else!

Blessings of health upon your family!!!

KK said...

So glad you found them!

Dawn said...

Oh goodness! I sure hope she feels better soon! Oh and a fever is actually natures way of fighting off infection and they say that unless the child is running an extremely high fever or suffers from febrile seziures (like Em) it is actually best not to treat them.