Monday, September 21, 2009

Things I Have Found While Looking For My Keys

1. The missing umbrellas
2. An attachment to the vacuum cleaner (one is still missing)
3. The floor of the closet
4. A lot of dust.
5. Missing books.
6. A diaper bag (haven't had anyone in diapers in a couple of years.)
7. The missing hair brushes (a blog entry unto itself.)
8. Glow in the dark bracelets
9. 5 headbands, so far....
10. Where one of my precious children wrote on the kitchen table WITH MARKER!!
11. The USB cord for my digital camera (didn't know that was missing.)
12. Olivia's library card
13. The bandages (always a necessity around here)
14. My scissors
15. Scotch tape (which is like finding gold in our house)
16. My kitchen counter (I'll bet my hubby doesn't believe that!)
17. The missing Littlest Pet Sh0p monkey

Is anyone else noticing what I haven't found????????


erin richardson said...

yeah, i ate them last week.

Dawn said...

I managed to find our video tape from China while cleaning the kitchen today. It took me all day to do but finding our tape was worth all the complaining I did!!

KK said...

keep looking! :)

MidWifeMade said...

Try a little rubbing alcohol to get up the marker.

~Random Stalker :)

Kari said...

Why does this sound strangely familiar? ;-)

Hope you find them soon!

Lori said...

I lost my keys 3 years ago and never found them. I didn't have a house key for 6 months. I used the garden door key to get in. It took us going on holidays, making an extra key for the house sitter. When we got back I had a house key again.