Wednesday, September 30, 2009


And the correct guesser was (drum roll please....) My mom! (She commented on Facebook in case you were wondering.)

My conference this morning was for Josiah. Mrs. Phelps, his teacher, is a doll! And she really cares about her students. I am so glad that Josiah has her as a teacher. I requested the conference because I, if you'll excuse me while a brag, because Josiah is just to darn smart. The little guy taught himself to read while he was in preschool. (Of course it was because he wanted to be able to play on the computer without needing help. But that is besides the point.)

Now, I didn't want to come off as one of those parents. Remember I used to be a teacher. Those parents are the ones that think their child is the smartest child since Einstein. (Yeah, right, Einstein didn't speak until he was three or four, Josiah was reading by then . Just kidding!!) I just wanted to make sure that he was being challenged so he wasn't becoming a disruption or distraction for the rest of the kids. Have I mentioned how much he loves to talk? I had visions of him finishing work and then talking to his neighbors.

But, thankfully, Mrs. Phelps has it all under control! Yay for good teachers!!!


erin richardson said...

yup! hooray for good teachers!

Dawn said...

Well that is great to have a GOOD news conference for once. I've been to one too many that are not quite as cheery! LOL

Luckily now any time I am talking to myself I can call it a parent teacher conference and get away with it. LOL

Anonymous said...

do they need any more good teachers at josiah's school?? Because this good teacher could use another job! :)

Stacey said...

Yay! I'm glad it was a good conference. I may just be having that type of conference in the future with Clay's teacher(s). He taught himself the alphabet by two and a half, knew his colors before 2, and can count to at least 12. Dr. said he's gifted - and I wasn't inclined to believe her. But, we'll see as he gets older!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Good conferences are ALWAYS fun! And you aren't THAT mom if your child can back it up. *grin*